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Each game has its own unique storyline

NoGame - is a quest in real life. Feel like a character of an intriguing story. All actions are according to the scenario where you play the main role. You need to guess the puzzles, solve tasks, look for keys on your journey that leads you to the last key that will open the door to freedom.

You have only 60 minutes to challenge yourself. If you won’t succeed, the game is over and you’ll have to try again next time.

There are a variety of quests. Choose The Mystery of the Crazy Scientist and dive into the atmosphere of scientific reserches. In Amnesia you’ll forget real life and start from the begining. Behind the Glass - a lot of interactive things can make you lose your way. Psylab - never-ending pile of emotions you will remember for quite a while.

Invite friends and prove that your team can get out of the room faster than others. Are you intrigued? We are waiting for you!

Challenges for a team of 2–4 players are available. Behind the Glass 2-5 players. And there are no age limits, only your will.

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Outside quest Magic Cube NOGAME.